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Anal sex is a divine pleasure for some, a thing of the devil for others. Anal penetration still polarizes couples around the world. For most men, a tight asshole is not for their dick, but as humans are an ingenious and curious species, we discovered early on that anal penetration can provide pleasures not only for the man giving but also for the woman receiving, if done right, of course! The most important thing about butt play, and we can't stress this enough, is to start slow, be gentle and use lots of lubricants.

There is simply no pleasure in friction, especially not there, in the tight anus. And if you want to experience it more than once, make sure the first time isn't a horror show for her and her beautiful bottom. And be open to suggestions she might make, like putting a finger in yours in return. Let her have anal fun too. After all, if the male G-spot exists, it's accessible through the anal sphincter. Prostate massage? It's funny how evolution sometimes works. But let's focus again on the girl's chocolate starfish.

You see, once you get used to the gaping part, sodomy isn't as bad as it sounds. It is very common nowadays, in many cultures and nationalities. A quick look at the sex videos reveals that everyone is doing it. History shows that Europeans do it like it's second nature; Americans have jumped on the anal bandwagon and become connoisseurs of ass fucking, and Asians have no taboos about the butt.

On FuckPornVideo, you can admire the biggest asses by taking the biggest cocks if you want. Whether it's fingering the stink, toys, ass licking, rimming, and more, there's always a fascination with ass. For some, the cocks used for anal sex are never big enough, leading them to wonder how far they can go beyond the rectum. The fascination with this category is so huge that it's impossible to escape it and that's a good thing, especially if you can enjoy your porn videos in crisp, clear HD quality.

Rimming, ass licking whatever you call it, FuckPornVideo have it

Commonly known as rimming, ass licking or ass cleaning is a commonplace in adult entertainment today. Rimming is one of the hottest types of scenes. It is a contact activity between the anus or other perianal parts and the partner's mouth. Call it dirty oral-anal sex, but it has become an elusive experience for many.

You want to sit back and enjoy some exciting ass licking in HD quality. Also known as "rim-jobs" or "analingus", rimming involves men stroking their female partners until they moan and often leads to anal sex. If you like big asses and don't deny it, this is the perfect xxx category to enjoy.

You can have almost any combination of butt eaters. Men eating men, men eating women, women eating women and women eating men. You can also take a look at all types of butts and bodies and have a wide range of sexual experiences on video for your eyes to wander over and your cock to explode too. It goes without saying that there are active anal nerves; oral stimulation of these nerves creates an unimaginable erection of the clitoris or penis.

While licking, biting and eating the asshole may not have been popular at the time, today it is arguably a common act. This disgusting, vulgar and low act thrills you watching men and women do it so well. You can even show your favorite xxx videos to your lovers and see if they want to eat your ass or vice versa. You can watch these adult clips via our streaming service and you can also download the videos and watch them repeatedly. You can learn about ass handling and try it out yourself on a date.

You can see Americans, European sluts and even Russians getting laid this way. While the act seems interesting to many, it can be disgusting to some. It takes practice to get used to it. Watching ass licking porn on will help you get there quickly. Ass licking or ass munching is a trendy genre that will teach you a new style. Spice up your sex life with new adventures and start here on FuckPornVideo. Watch these perfect "asses" get touched, licked and fucked!